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Installing Rust Oxide Plugins

Before you can install plugins on your Rust server, you will need to install uMod (previously Oxide). If you need assistance doing so, you can find our guide on the topic here.

For the purpose of this article, we are going to use the Gather Manager plugin as an example, however, the same steps will work for any Oxide plugin you wish to install.

Installing uMod (Oxide) Plugins

Any Oxide plugin can be installed on your server by uploading your chosen plugin's .cs file to your servers /plugins folder.

  1. Download your desired plugin from uMod.
  2. If your server is currently running then stop your server before continuing.
  3. Navigate to your server's plugins folder - /oxide/plugins.
  4. Place or upload the .cs file you downloaded to this folder.

If you have followed these steps properly, the plugin should be loaded and functional after the server starts. If the plugin does not work, please try following the steps again to ensure they are followed properly.

If you have followed these steps properly and you cannot use the plugin, ensure you are an admin on the server, following this guide.

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