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Minecraft Console Commands

There are so many server commands available. So here is a list of the most commonly used commands.

Show a list of server commands available:
Show a list of all the players currently connected:
Give a player operator status:
op <playername>
Remove a player's operator status:
deop <playername>
Kick a player from the server:
kick <playername> <reason>
Ban a player from the server:
ban <playername> <reason>
Ban someone from your server via IP address:
ban-ip <ip>
Unbanning someone after banning them:
pardon <playername>
Change a player's game mode to survival, creative or adventure mode:
gamemode <mode> <playername>
Give a player certain items:
give <playername> <item> <amount>
Save the worlds currently loaded on the server:
Toggle the rainfall:
Teleporting one player to another:
tp <playername> <targetplayer>
Turn whitelist on/off on the server:
whitelist <on/off>
Reload the whitelist on the server:
whitelist reload
Add a player to the server's whitelist:
whitelist add <playername>
Remove a player from the server's whitelist:
whitelist remove <playername>
Give a player XP:
xp <amount> <playername>

If you are looking for a more complete list of the commands available on your server then try using the help command on your server's console or visit for a more complete list of the commands available.
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