Terms & Conditions

The use of services provided by XFRAG NETWORKS is subject to the following terms and conditions.

1. Backups

While we put systems in place to ensure our customers' data is safe in the unlikely event of hardware failure. XFRAG NETWORKS will not be held responsible for the backing up and integrity of the customer's data. In the event that data loss has occurred, you may be given a pro-rata refund if you wish to cancel your service. The responsibility of backing up and safe securing of files is down to the customer.

2. Billing

You are expected to make payments through your chosen payment methods on time. All invoices are generated two weeks (14 days) before the service's renewal date. Services which remain in arrears 24 hours (1 day) after their due date will be suspended. Dedicated Servers in arrears will be terminated 24 hours after the renewal date of the service. All other services still in arrears will be terminated 72 hours after the renewal date with the loss of all data.

3. Refunds

All of our services (excluding dedicated servers) are eligible for a full 7-day money back guarantee from the time they have been provisioned. Any refund request made outside this period will be decided at the discretion of XFRAG NETWORKS depending on the circumstances.

Dedicated Servers are excluded from our 7-day money back guarantee because they require explicit manual provisioning.

4. Spam

We have a zero-tolerance policy on unsolicited emails therefore you agree and understand that using our services to send unsolicited emails (spamming) is STRICTLY prohibited and will result in an immediate termination of your service with no refund provided.

5. Limitation of Liability

XFRAG NETWORKS are in no way responsible for any actions taken place in or on a customer's server. The sole role of XFRAG NETWORKS is to provide server connectivity.

6. Force Majeure

We shall not be held responsible for any failure to service performance due to any unforeseen circumstances or to causes beyond our reasonable control. This includes but not limited to acts of God; war, riot, embargoes, acts of civil or military authority, terrorism; fire, flood, earthquakes, hurricanes, tropical storms or other natural disasters.

We reserve the right to change our terms of services without prior notice.